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Ashar Salia Osteopathy

Holistic health care.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can affect men and women of any age. Treating chronic or persistent pain of the lower back, hip, knee, pelvis, head or shoulders requires a completely different treatment approach compared to acute joint pain or muscular strains.

Headache & Migraines

I take a thorough case history and holistic view to understand the causes of your headaches such as previous traumas and posture related tension. Migraine affects approx. 13% of the population and is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed properly.

Women's Health

A woman's body changes enormously over a lifetime through work, sport, injury, illness, pregnancy and hormonally. Ashar has a long history of treating pregnancy related pains of the pubic symphysis, pelvis and ribs from inception to delivery date and beyond.

General Health

I have many patients I see regularly for general osteopathic treatments to keep them moving and feeling well either working on old chronic complaints or keeping them physically active and participating to the fullest in work, sport and leisure.

Welcome To Ashar Salia Osteopathy

Ashar enjoys helping people osteopathically with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. She is also very well connected and works with a variety of other healthcare providers when necessary (Integrative GP’s, Sports Medicine Doctors, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists, Neuro surgeons, Naturopaths and Pain Specialists) to achieve maximum benefit for you and your condition.

Our Areas of Interest

Our areas of interest include treating people with chronic daily and persistent headaches/migraines and women’s health issues including pre and post pregnancy, hip, shoulder and back pain. Looking after peoples and families general health and well being, building long term relationships with our patients is important to our practice.

Our Clinic in Double Bay

My new osteopathic clinic with new equipment provides care in a comfortable, clean and safe environment.

Our Mission

Our focus is to treat all patients equally and with respect. I believe that getting the right diagnosis is paramount to achieving the best treatment and on-going relief. I provide all our patients with current best practice advice and best possible care.

Meet Ashar Salia

B.Sc & M.Osteopathy

Ashar became an osteopath after suffering many years of pain herself. She understands that persistent pain can be expensive, leading to ineffective treatments and on-going suffering.

Empathising with her patients she believes that getting the right diagnosis is paramount to achieving the best treatment and experiencing on-going relief.

Ashar’s primary areas of interest are treating people with chronic daily and persistent headaches/migraines, women’s health issues including pre and post pregnancy related matters, along with chronic pain from injuries to the back, hip, knee, pelvis, head or shoulders.

Much of Ashar’s postgraduate studies have been in the area of complex chronic pain.

Ashar also works abroad and is involved with a team of Australian osteopaths that travel to Mumbai, and Goa, India working in general and orthopaedic hospitals. Here, Ashar is part of a multi-disciplinary team of orthopaedic surgeons, doctors and physiotherapists treating pre and post-surgical patients (knee/foot and shoulder surgery). Ashar is also a mentor and teacher for Australian university students doing their clinical hours and very much enjoys giving back to the osteopathic profession.

Ashar is a full member of Osteopathy Australia ensuring yearly continued professional development and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Ashar Salia Osteopathy

Member Of

Osteopathy Australia
AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Reg Agency


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